Non-Life treaty reinsurance

The core of our underwriting activity is to provide our clients with tailored reinsurance treaty capacity. In property, we concentrate on excess-of-loss business (Cat XL, Risk XL) and on non-standard covers like Aggregate XL, stop-loss and umbrella protection. In casualty, our established core strengths are motor and non-motor third-party liability excess-of-loss, structured motor quota share and personal accident treaties.

We employ state-of-the-art risk modelling continuously updated at the group headquarters in Munich. This gives us the ability to precisely analyse the exposures each client faces and, along with it, the confidence to write large capacities. At the same time, we offer the flexibility to use vendor and broker models to complement and verify our internal modelling.

Our multi-lingual underwriters are specialising in individual countries thereby developing unique skill sets and staying closely in touch with the European market. Also, we are quoting for regular and complex structures. We have the capacity to design and develop solutions according to the client needs.

We stay abreast with the market developments, taking on new challenges as they arise and providing the substantial capacities our clients need. Wherever your company is headed, we will support you.

Your benefits

Working with NewRe means that you can rely on a strong partner offering

  • Strong technical skills
  • The financial capacity to write significant shares
  • The expertise to structure and lead compley covers
  • We aim for meaningful shares and long term support
  • A flexible deal-team approach
  • Direct access to decision makers and swift response times
  • Outstanding financial ratings and solidity (AA-  security)
Dr. Artur Klinger
Chief Underwriting Officer Property & Casualty

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