Dr. Renate Strasser

“Our clients appreciate that we bring pragmatism to the table.”

Good companies are made, not born. Succeeding in reinsurance today takes a careful mix of hard work, smarts and foresight. NewRe CEO Dr. Renate Strasser reflects on the ingredients that make the company a class act in a competitive industry.

Where do you see NewRe’s strength?

Renate Strasser: As a reinsurer with a history that spans over nearly 100 years, we offer recognised stability across a very diversified book. Today, we have a wide array of reinsurance products to present to our clients. Working closely with trusted brokers, we are very adept at turning around “bread and butter” reinsurance deals. At the same time, clients increasingly seek our help in creating tailor-made solutions. 

With a team of around 120 people based in our Zurich office, we are perfectly sized to be flexible and also to know what the various departments are working on. This knowledge gets leveraged across the company and is beneficial to clients. In Munich Re, NewRe has the backing of a strong shareholder that completely understands the volatility of reinsurance. This setup and our financial strength allow us to be very targeted and selective in everything we do.

Lastly, it never ceases to impress me how the team interact, exchange different points of view and work hard to create the best deal and fit for our clients. I think that is what makes us highly appreciated across our client base. 

Why do your clients choose you?

We run a truly international team that has a reputation for turning things around extremely quickly. We are known for being transactional, and for our focus on getting things done.

At the same time, our clients profit from a direct link to the vast expertise of the Munich Re Group. Being able to tap into those resources as well means we are a one-stop shop for clients in an increasingly complex reinsurance world. 

What sets NewRe’s staff apart?

First and foremost, we look for an open and agile mindset in our team members. Our industry is changing rapidly, and our employees likewise have to be prepared to adapt and to change. We seek out curious and self-motivated people who excel at finding the best solutions for our clients.

I am extraordinarily proud to say that our colleagues here demonstrate these qualities and skills on a day-to-day basis. NewRe clients truly appreciate that we bring level-headed pragmatism to the table. Personally, I really enjoy working with a diverse team who prove their entrepreneurial thinking over and over again.