Latest Annual Report

Persistence in what we do

We are excited to present our annual report 2022. The pleasing results prove our financial resilience and business acumen in challenging times. Of course, this is all due to the dedicated team of experts we have at NewRe. We pride ourselves in offering our employees a climate of responsibility, accountability and respect. We welcome diverse perspectives and include them in discussions, regardless of hierarchy levels. We firmly believe our success is a reflection of this approach.

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Paul Norton Appointed

Change to the NewRe Board of Directors

On 21 April 2023, Paul Norton was voted onto the NewRe Board of Directors to replace René Schnieper, who stepped down from the function after 6 years of valuable contribution on the Board. The company is excited about this new appointment and is looking forward to benefitting from Mr. Norton’s broad industry experience and financial guidance going forward. Speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors, the Board’s President Claudia Hasse said: “Bidding farewell to René Schnieper is no easy feat for NewRe. His sharp eye for detail, dedication and sound expertise concerning the Swiss insurance landscape will be sorely missed. We therefore sincerely thank him for his enduring professionalism and outstanding services to this Board and to the company as a whole. Today, we are fortunate and very pleased to welcome Mr. Norton on our Board. We are looking forward to his contribution to our cooperative body. We are convinced that his solid business acumen and financial leadership skills will serve as a perfect complement to the set-up of the NewRe Board."

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Relationship building

It’s about more than just capacity

There are many paths to success. In devising innovative solutions tailored to a client’s needs, a young and talented Property & Casualty team at NewRe impressed the client with their efficiency and commitment – and landed a new line in a coveted casualty market.

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Weaving magic

The art of teamwork

A cross-functional team can make the difference between a humdrum deal and a truly satisfying one. It also provides the credibility that clients seek. And credibility begets trust.

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Impact investing

Everything I do is new

At NewRe, taking on risk is second nature. But joining forces with the ICRC to finance humanitarian aid meant taking on a whole new world of risk. Rebecca Cichon, a senior originator with the Capital Partners team at NewRe, talks about the promise and complexities of applying private sector solutions to public sector problems.

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Complex solutions

Having what it takes!

A major client shows up during crunch season with a complex deal that needs to close before yesterday. You can say no. Or you can say yes – and, given the right talent and a bit of improvisation, end up with something that works to everyone’s advantage.

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Wind energy

Developing the future

The unpredictability of the wind has inspired poets and songwriters since time immemorial. If you’re a wind farmer, though, it can play havoc with your earnings. How do you take the guesswork out of trying to harness an elemental force?

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