Intense competition, challenging financial markets, and exacting rating and solvency requirements are making active capital and risk management increasingly important for life insurance companies. 

Life insurers work in a dynamic environment where medical progress, demographic trends and changing lifestyles constantly give rise to new risk landscapes. This demanding situation is made even more challenging by volatile financial markets, low interest rates, stricter laws and regulations and ever tougher competition. Any company that hopes to meet these challenges must continually develop its business model and steadily optimise its deployment of capital.

NewRe provides risk management solutions for life insurers worldwide. We continuously seize business opportunities driven by corporate risk management or corporate finance, especially where management of market risks, credit risks, behavioural risks, complex biometric risks or structuring capabilities are key. We tailor every transaction to your specific needs. And to ensure that the reinsurance solution is practical, we provide appropriate support during the product development phase.

Our activities have grown significantly over the years to include reinsurance for variable annuities, immediate and contingent financing contracts, traditional and extreme mortality covers, and capital relief transactions. These structures are all designed to address financial market, mortality and lapse risks, among others.

As a core subsidiary of the Munich Re Group, NewRe and its Life team in Zurich have access to the Group’s technology and resources, allowing us to develop strong expertise in structured reinsurance solutions for developed life insurance markets across Europe, Asia and North America.

Our solutions

We work with you to devise customised traditional and innovative life reinsurance solutions that are viable for the future:

  • Proportional and non-proportional reinsurance 
  • Structured reinsurance solutions based on state-of-the-art financial engineering techniques and using financial market instruments
  • Risk-taking and transformation in areas where reinsurance capacity is not available 
  • Solutions in the area of corporate finance
  • Reinsurance solutions for investment guarantees given to policyholders, in particular for variable annuities and unit-linked products

Your benefits

In addition to risk protection, you benefit from our knowledge and international experience in a number of ways:

  • Ongoing dialogue: Excellent service based on open and continuous communication with client managers
  • Future orientation: A strong focus on new and emerging risks
  • Financial solidity: Access to the capacity and reliability of a globally leading reinsurer
  • Partnerships: Long-term business relationships for projects and collaborations
  • Flexibility: Creativity and innovative drive to develop individual solutions

Contact our People

Contact our People

Dr. Carsten Schulz-Rinne

Head of Life
Phone +41 58 22 66 500