A career with us means interesting job opportunities and attractive working conditions. NewRe offers challenges to keep you interested and a lively, inclusive environment where your career and skills can flourish.

Our employees find many opportunities to grow and to develop within an organisation that has its own identity, and at the same time is part of the world’s leading reinsurance group Munich Re. The conditions and working environment we provide are an integral part of our company culture of mutual trust and esteem.


Training and development

Today’s fast-changing market conditions and client demands call for evolving knowledge and skills. That’s why NewRe invests in training and developing its staff. It enables us to devise new and better solutions – and opens up a world of opportunities for you as a member of the NewRe team.

Work-life balance

At NewRe, family and career can go hand in hand. We offer a framework for individual part-time and home-office solutions to enable you to strike the right balance. Many staff members work according to individually configured part-time models or flexible working hours.

Work and leisure

We like working – but we also know how to relax and recharge our batteries. Our “Hard Rück Café”, for example, is a great place to take a coffee break with colleagues. There are fitness activities ranging from yoga to team sports. And we also provide an array of extra services to make life more convenient, such as dry-cleaning pickup and delivery.

International work experience

As a NewRe employee, you may seize the opportunity to take on a job transfer within the Munich Re Group. International and intercultural experience adds significantly to personal and professional development and ensures transfer of knowledge and expertise throughout the group.

Remuneration and benefits

NewRe provides fair and attractive conditions. Remuneration corresponds to each employee’s function, and capacity and output are coupled with extra benefits. In addition, we voluntarily offer an array of fringe benefits, from free parking or subsidised public transportation to an attractive pension scheme.


Job opportunities

Currently open positions