Claudia Hasse

Vice President

Claudia Hasse has sat on the Board of Directors of NewRe since January 2019.

She is the Chief Executive Manager for Germany, Cyber in Europe & Latin America and Pharmapool, as well as serving as Head of Supervisory Board for Great Lakes Insurance SE and Munich Re of Malta.

A lawyer by training, she entered Munich Re and the reinsurance industry 16 years ago as Claims Manager and later Chief Claims and Operations Officer.

She has since held many senior management positions, including Chief Underwriting Officer Property overseeing the worldwide property business in the area of large corporate businesses. She also owned the global function of Chief Underwriting Officer Special Enterprise Risk, where she was in charge of developing tailor-made solutions for corporations and start-ups covering such diverse areas as cyber, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and green technologies.

Claudia Hasse holds a law degree from the University of Passau and a Master of Laws from the University of Connecticut School of Law.